Brandon Hendrick
curator: Stanimir Stoyanov
02. 08. 2023 - 29. 08. 2023

The exhibition “Тransience” is based on photographs taken from train travelling through Scotland, Greece and Bulgaria, which is the focus of Brandon Hendrick’s more recent works. 

They are an extension of the artist’s research about how quickly and ambiguously memories can be forgotten because they are based on photographs taken with a cell phone camera. These paintings are representations of real locations, however they don’t include many landmarks or other identifiers of a single place because they exist everywhere and nowhere, which makes them trans-geographical or hyper-local. Similar to the earlier artist’s home series, these works frequently feature a window that serves as both a doorway and a barrier to the outside landscape, generating and shattering the idea of a cohesive experience.

When boundaries between the physical and psychic realms disintegrate and the familiar turns strange, this reveals the uncanny of the commonplace that can be found in Brandon Hendrick’s works. The artist explores memory’s significance in comprehending conceptions of home and location by drawing on both his personal life and popular culture. In his earlier series, Hendrick used the home as a starting point to investigate the relationship between psychology and intimate spaces. 

These confusing interiors, which are devoid of figures, call into question the idea of the house as a place of domestic tranquillity. While the majority of these interiors are depictions of real locations, some aspects are fictionalised while being painted.  These paintings, which straddle the line between reality and imagination, have elements like windows, television screens, and other paintings that give them a dreamy permanence.

Brandon Hendrick (b.1993, New York) is a Glasgow-based artist. He studied at School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Virginia Commonwealth University before receiving his MFA from Glasgow School of Art in 2021. He has exhibited in both the United States and the United Kingdom, and is the recipient of a 2022 Hope Scott Trust Foundation Grant.