Rest Assured / Disclosure

exhibition by Elena Nazarova
28 April - 24 May, 2023

An intimate and introspective exhibition – the first of its kind for the artist, whose work we are used to seeing usually in a societal context. Here, through a traditional painterly approach and revealing raw notes from her diaries, Elena Nazarova invites us to look into some personal gloomy moments and psychological challenges she has been going through recently, drawing attention to themes such as mental health, isolation, and those difficulties that are hard to share freely.

Elena Nazarova (1998) is a Bulgarian visual artist based in Sofia. In her artworks, she uses different media and techniques, choosing and adapting them to the message she seeks to convey. Leading in her work are usually contemporary social topics. In developing her practice and personal artistic approach, Elena has 5 solo exhibitions including: Townsmen at Collect Gallery, Istanbul (2022) and Plus 359 Gallery, Sofia (2021); Camp Life at Intro Gallery, Sofia (2021) at FIG. Festival for Illustration and Graphics, VAISAKHA project in the former Murgash gallery, Sofia (2017), etc. as well as numerous participations in group exhibitions, festivals such as Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair (2022) for Collect Gallery; 14 Manifesta Biennial (2022) for ICA Sofia; Radical Imagination Art Residency (2020) for Goethe Institute & Ideas Factory; the long-term residence of studio Le Laboratoire de la Création Paris.