exhibition by Peter Tzanev
curator: Stanislav Pamukchiev
December 15 - January 15, 2023

Peter Tzanev’s exhibition is part of his twenty-year journey into the world of “ectoplastic imagination”, dedicated to the transformation of internal states of mind into a new kind of artistic medium. Every invention of a new medium gives art a new body. Ectoplasticones represent a paradoxical attempt to invent a new medium with absolutely redeeming characteristics. Peter Tzanev has proclaimed a radical humanization of the idea of new bodies in art with incorporation of an uninhabited mental body – a psychoplasmic body. The psychoplasmic body of the Ectoplasticones must be understood within the framework of the theological revelation of art, which cannot escape the hiddenness of images despite being sent as an embryonic orbital station on a trajectory from prehistory to present reality.

Peter Tzanev (1967) is a professor of art psychology at the National Academy of Art in Sofia. He is the author of books like The Psychology of Art (2008), Psychological Approaches in Art Science (2009), Image and Consciousness in Art Therapy (2017), co-authored by prof. Vladimir Nikitin, and The Untold Bulgarian Abstraction (2014), co-authored by prof. Stanislav Pamukchiev. Some of his individual exhibitions include: Entkoppelung des Objekts  (2015) Goethe Institute, Sofia, and Contemporary Space Gallery, Varna; Emphatic Tools (2011) Rayko Aleksiev Gallery, Sofia; Unpredictably transparent. Heterochronic Installations (2010) Atelier Plastilin Gallery, Sofia; Ektoplastic Drawings and Installations (2009) Shipka 6 Exhibition Space, Sofia; Exercises in Perfection (2006) Irida Gallery, Sofia. Works by the artist have been exhibited at: the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest; Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka; CerModern, Ankara; Warehouse A‘, Port of Thessaloniki; Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre; Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo.